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General Rules

Post by Nettle on Mon Oct 31, 2016 7:19 pm

1. Any art posting MUST be your own work.  Art theft is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.  If an image you post is found on another site, several steps will be taken to verify that it is indeed your account on the other site, and therefore your piece of art.  If we find that it is not your piece of artwork, you will be banned, either temporarily or permanently.  This doesn't only apply to digital art, but to all forms of art (yes, this includes writing).

2. If you use a reference to draw your character in a certain pose, post a link to the image and the page of the person who posted it.  When using images as a reference, make sure that the artist has given permission for others to use it.

3. When posting responses to other people's art, be nice or constructive.  If you don't like a person's art style, simply look at the works of another user.  If someone makes a lot of grammar errors in their works/stories/poems, be nice it and kindly point it out.

4. No spam, obviously.  What do we classify as spam?  Any mass, unnecessary posting would be considered spam.  Three word (or less) posts are also considered spam.  You may, however, "bump" your work to the front page with few word posts.  You may only bump your works when they are no longer on the first two pages.

5.  Foul language is also not allowed.

6. Treat others with respect, as you would want it yourself.  This should go without saying.  That being said, if someone is clearly being rude to you, that is not your ticket to be rude back.  Just report their post, and move on.

7. The sharing of personal information is not allowed. This includes your full name, your address, and age. You may, however, share the country you reside in, your ethnicity, and gender.

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